About Us

BITGRAM is going to be one of the world’s most popular social media platform and the first decentralized ecosystem to discover, create, perform and analyse advertising campaigns with social media  across  social network.

Blockchain technology will simplify the integration between advertisers and publishers and decrease costs for all engaged parties. BITGRAM creates a completely safe and transparent ecosystem for everyone involved in social media marketing, opening up the opportunities for brands and influencers across the globe to reach their targeted audience of get rewarded for engaging their consumers with the content they enjoy.

This is a free of cost social media platform  for the avant-garde blockchain venture capitalists who are inclined towards purchasing or trading their assets. It is an excellent medium to cultivate contacts in the market. Such a thing promotes mutual trust amongst the involved parties and results in a better trade practice. This service provides you with a platform that indulges business with social congeniality. It assists you with multiple services:

Create Business Page

It facilitates you to create a business page for your venture. It shall accommodate all the pivotal information about you and your venture. The specified aims, policies and services gives the clientele a clearer picture of you as a business entity.

Create Advertisement

You are further aided to create advertisements for your services on this platform. Your well-structured advertisements will create a hype about your product or services in the market. And what better way to share them than on BITGRAM. This platform supports all the digital forms of advertisements like:

  • Image advertisement

It aids the addition of high quality pictures and graphics that defines your motive well. With that a catchy text expounding about the service being sold makes a complete advertisement. Use all your creative juices to churn out the finest advertisements.

  • Video advertisement

A good video advertisement administers a complete representation of your venture through videos, graphics and sound. It gives you a golden chance to produce a professional and innovative endorsement of your services through a video advertisement. 

  • Sell On BITGRAM

All the services provided by BITGRAM are altogether subparts that lead you towards one motive, that is - to sell. Multiple business entities collectively engage on this platform to sell their services or products. You get an opportunity to connect with other traders and represent your cause to sell the services in order to leap towards greater profits.